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The WWG Critique Group


Currently, the WWG Critique Group is full

and not seeking new members.

In September, there will be a workshop on creating and maintaining your own critique group; please check the link on the left for Workshops. Working with a group of like-minded compatriots can well be the most important aspect of developing as a writer!


The WWG Critique Group is a small group that meets bi-monthly to share our work.


We focus on word-smithing and storytelling and all the various aspects of writing fiction, writing well, and enjoying writing.


We welcome writers of fiction of all ilks: novels, short stories, memoirs,

flash fiction, fantasy, science-fiction, you name it.


I have heard tell of groups that are so brutal that whenever someone’s writing is up for discussion, the writer always ends up in tears. I have also heard of groups whose only purpose is to cheer lead: they pat each other on the back and say how wonderful each other’s writing is, without ever really engaging with it. The WWG is somewhere in between! No tears at our workshops and no gratuitous cheerleading either.


If you are interested in joining the WWG Critique Group,

please contact us!


Time to Get Your Writing on!